Automatic Starts Here

The worlds of traditional network technology, the Internet of Things, and the decades old automation and control industries are merging. Let's call it Network Infrastructure 3.0.

And it will result in more efficiency, better business insights, and even new ways of doing business.

WigWag is at the forefront of this monumental change. We bridge network technology and automation, transforming the physical world into a programmable platform, making connected devices more efficient, manageable, secure and automatic.

Built on our open-source deviceOS which can run on many IoT Gateway products, and paired with WigWag's Device Cloud Service (DCS) PaaS solution, the WigWag platform removes the complexities of competing Internet of Things device protocols and provides a powerful, unified IoT solution which can manage, scale and rapidly deploy IoT applications and devices.

The name WigWag comes from the signaling system used by the US Army Signal Corps in the 19th century for communicating through the movement of flags.

WigWag is headquartered in Austin with an office in Wuxi, China.



Co-Founder, CEO

As an early employee at LifeSize Communications, Ed led the sales engineering team through all major customer wins in the Americas, resulting in the $400 million acquisition by Logitech. Ed has an MBA from the University of Texas and a BS in Computer Science from West Point. Ed received a Phi Kappa Phi achievement award for system-level software work for a US intelligence agency.


Co-Founder, COO

Also an employee at LifeSize Communications, Travis managed all datacenter and management products. Travis has an MBA from the University of Texas and a BS in Computer Science from West Point. Travis served in the US Army, implementing the Force XXI upgrade that included the fielding of the EPLRS mesh networking radio system used throughout the Army's armor and mechanized units.


Chief Marketing Officer

Conrad brings over 16 years executive leadership experience in emerging growth technology companies with their roots in Asia, the U.S. and Europe. Previously Conrad served as President of Strategy Advisors, VP Mobile Services and VP Consumer Marketing of Qipit, COO of Dwango North America and President and Co-founder of He holds a degree in Business Analysis, Management Information Systems from Texas A&M University.


Chief Financial Officer

Qiao's background is at the intersection of accounting, manufacturing and venture finance in China and the United States. She began her career in Shenzhen with China Life, and she soon became involved with her first tech startup. This fueled her interest in international business, sparking her move to the U.S. Qiao is a Certified Public Accountant with a Bachelor's degree from Bethel College and a Master's degree in Accounting from Georgia Southern. She is fluent in English, Mandarin and Cantonese.


Executive Director of Business Development

Bryan has worked to build WigWag since its conception. He is a strategic problem solver who tinkers whenever he can and is a self-described futurist. Bryan spearheads strategic partnerships, distribution agreements, contract services sales, licensing and OEM agreements. Based out of the San Francisco Bay Area, Bryan also manages the WigWag China-based hardware team and oversees product manufacturing. Bryan holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Economics from the University of California at Davis.