Modern control systems infrastructure

WigWag solutions unite facilities infrastructure to create smarter systems: Realtime information, improved efficiency, deep data analysis.

You already have an Internet of Things. Are you using it?

Most buildings have connected capable infrastructure already. That infrastructure has the possibility to improve efficiency of personnel, schedule preventive maintenance, and produce incredible insights into your customers. WigWag's solutions turn existing equipment investments into huge data generation and collection systems, while providing a control system with better management and flexibility.


Building Infrastructure 2.0

deviceOS is our open-source OS which goes into an IoT gateway class device. You can use one of WigWag's gateways, or many other IoT gateway products.

Your gateway can now talk to many different kinds of building infrastructure systems, using protocols like Modbus, BACnet, and ZigBee Pro. You or your integrator can easily add support for new devices.

Device Cloud Services (DCS) manages your installations of deviceOS, across a widely distributed area, to provide control, data aggregation & insight across your entire facilities infrastructure.

DCS provides mobile connectivity & dashboards. It automatically provides historical storage for control / sensor events. DCS has an open API for connectivity with many third party EMS and analytics systems.

Building Control Modernized

Historical Event Storage

The DCS platform automatically records all alarms and any changes to controls or sensors. That data is then available via our REST API for use in analytics applications. If you are already doing deep-data analysis, great. If not the data will be there for you in the future.

Completely Open Architecture

All major components of deviceOS are licensed under non-GPL OSI-compliant licenses. Build any type of solution, including adding new device connectitity and licensed technology. Run on x86 and ARM architectures.

Flexible Protocol Support

Protocol soup is the industry - deviceOS helps you deal with it. Don't get locked into proprietary protocols and closed solutions. deviceOS works with many major industrial & building automation standards, allowing best of breed solutions.

Mobile = Efficient

Installers, facilities & staff can see and adjust system on the fly.

Customer wants lights brighter in the ballroom? Facilities wants to see HVAC efficiency while walking a building?

DCS provides first class mobile support on all devices it sees. Administrators can limit access by users across sites. White label & customization options available.

Visibility Across Locations, Devices, Protocols

The DCS Management Interface let's you view the status of gateway and devices across your entire organization. Check alert history and device status, search logs, and manage scripts running across all your building infrastructure.

Your Cloud or Our Cloud.

Device Cloud Services has flexible licensing, which means you can use our hosted solutions, or run it internally on your own infrastructure.

DCS comes as a set of Docker containers, allowing rapid deployment across all types of virtual infrastructure, including KVM or LXC.

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WigWag is already helping companies start realizing the power of IoT through their existing infrastructure.  Learn more about the open-source deviceOS IoT gateway OS, and our Device Cloud Services Platform.

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