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Any Cloud

With WigWag's DCS you are not tied down to a specific cloud provider. You can start with our hosted public solution, and scale up to an enterprise private cloud, or deploy DCS on a hosted solution of your choice, including AWS, GCE, Tencent Cloud, and other services.

DCS can also be hosted on-premise and in completely isolated environments. The only requirements is the ability to run a Kubernetes Cluster.


Any Hardware Gateway

deviceOS is our Linux OS for IoT gateways. It will run on Arm and x86 platforms that meet some minimal specifications. deviceOS is built on Yocto Linux. This means you can bring in meta layers from many existing Board Support Packages (BSPs) fast.

WigWag also offers the RallyPoint 100, RallyPoint 200 and RallyPoint 500 readily deployable gateways. Furthermore, applications built to run on one gateway should quickly be deployable to another hardware type with little or no change.


An Entire Solution

The DCS platform comes with all the essential features needed to bring an IoT product to market. This includes:

  • Ready to go device protocol support.  We already built the stacks. Bring in modbus, BACnet, ZigBee, Z-Wave, 6LoWPAN, Bluetooth, and EnOcean devices with little effort. Example devices are already there and the core protocols stacks are part of deviceOS.
  • Mobile SDKs:  DCS includes mobile SDKs for Android and iOS, along with example applications. These examples show how to connect to the DCS services, listen to and control devices, and poll historical vales.
  • Full Gateway Remote Management:  Our cloud management interface and dashboards allow complete remote management of deployed gateways. This includes remote terminal access, vital system statistics, full remote logging and application control.
  • Alarm & Scheduling APIs:  Many IoT applications involve monitoring the status of critical sensors or systems, and often require the ability to schedule periodic tasks. These fundamental capabilities are built into our APIs already. Applications can readily snap in to do a hourly systems check or raise critical alarms if sensors are not with in range. Developers focus on specific requirements, not reinventing the basics.

The DCS Platform

Metal to Cloud

Devices + Apps = Edge IoT

At the edge you may already have devices. They might be simple "dumb" wired sensors and relays or they could be modern "smart" wireless devices. Either way deviceOS will facilitate talking to these devices. Our Linux-based deviceOS will run on most gateway class hardware, including common development boards such as the Raspberry Pi 2 and Beagleboard. If you don't already have hardware specified WigWag can help as well, with our RallyPoint series of industrial gateways.

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Enterprise Solutions

Basic Sensors to Cloud Scale Deployments

Building an IoT solution is hard. It requires knowledge spanning embedded systems development all the way to horizontally scalable cloud solutions, which can flex from a handful of pilot devices to millions of deployed devices.

WigWag's DCS and deviceOS combination is a proven, complete solution which provides the critical components needed to build production grade IoT deployments. Your only focus will need to be building your business logic.

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Connected Facilities

Know & Control Your Facilities

Building a Connected Space Product or Service?  If so, WigWag has ready to go mobile Apps and Applications already built. The WigWag FM mobile app will allow users to control lighting, HVAC and smart building systems. The WigWag Installer App makes life easier for integrators who are installing gateway products.


WigWag FM Mobile Apps

WigWag FM and the WigWag Installer App help get you off the ground running. DCS Enterprise customers also get source access to these mobile apps, to accelerate their own development.

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HVAC & Lighting Ready

deviceJS the runtime in deviceOS includes support for many common connected lighting and HVAC control product used in smart buildings. Mobile support has complete HVAC control, including measuring temperature inflow and outflow and compressor status.

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RallyPoint 200 & 500

Our RallyPoint 200 and RallyPoint 500 IoT gateways are perfect for connected spaces. These come with RS485 for BACnet and modbus connectivity, as well ZigBee wireless support.

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Industrial IoT Gateways

RallyPoint Gateways

Recognizing that not every customer has a hardware gateway product at the ready, WigWag built our RallyPoint series of IoT gateways to help customers quickly connect real sensors and devices in warehouses, retail, hospitality and other spaces needing connectivity.

RallyPoint 100

RallyPoint 100 is a light industrial gateway, configurable with up to two 802.15.4 radios, Bluetooth and Z-Wave.

Suitable for hospitality and small box retail applications.

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RallyPoint 200

RallyPoint 200 is a DIN-rail mountable, industrial gateway. It comes with two RS-485 ports, configurable out of the box for BACnet or modbus. It supports up to two 802.15.4 radios, and an optional LTE module with GPS.

Suitable for small box retail, transportation & logistics, and similar industrial applications where raw IO is not needed.

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RallyPoint 500

RallyPoint 500 is a DIN-rail mountable, industrial gateway. It comes with multiple RS-485 ports, GPIO, Analog input, Dallas 1-wire, low voltage relays, and three radio slots. It also has optional WiFi support.

Suitable for large box retail, transportation & logistics, and similar industrial applications. (available winter 2018)

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WigWag makes the world's most advanced IoT application platform: DCS and deviceOS. 5 years in the making, deviceOS has protocol support for many industrial, commercial and home sensors & smart devices. Chat with us today about how to take your IoT project from an idea to reality.

We've been doing "edge computing" and IoT since before people came up with those buzzwords. We live & breathe this stuff so you don't have to.


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